Inspirational Sunday!!

For a couple of weeks now I have been anxiously waiting to hear David Ring speak at my church this morning. Several months ago we saw an I Am Second video featuring David and his story. You would have to be a stone statue not to be touched! David was still born for 18 minutes. But as he said this morning, despite his challenges with Cerebral Palsy, God knew that in 59 years he would need David to be at our church this morning to deliver his message of hope. To quote David “It’s not over until God says it’s over! David told his story and taught us to tell ours in 3 little words “I am blessed”. We are blessed because God can take our biggest liability and use it as an asset for Him.

Just in case that was not enough inspiration, we found out that Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs was speaking at another local church this weekend. We saw Nick speak at our church a few years ago and it was a most unforgettable experience. Nick was born without arms or legs, yet he is one of the most joy-filled, functional and productive human beings on the planet. Nick delivered a similar message – God can use anyone when we fully surrender who we are and what we have to His use.

Both delivered direct challenges to serve God faithfully in small ways with whatever we have and to trust that, as we prove ourselves reliable, God will use us in bigger and bigger ways to impact our world for Him.

So, I will continue to be faithful making my little pillows and attaching unseen prayers that the people who receive them will come to know, either for the first time or in a deeper way, just how very, very much the God of the universe loves them. And that he is still in the business of miracles today. He changed David’s life, he changed Nick’s life, he changed mine and he can change yours, if you ask him to.