Pillow Talk

We LOVE getting comments from recipients, here are a few we have received!

“After a tuff day, someone handed me this little pillow and it brightened my mood. When I read the meaning of the pillow on this website, i remembered that it is important to do everything with love just they way Jesus did. Even in my most difficult moments, his Iove will me get through them.”

“I received this on Valentine’s Day and I woke up the next day still feeling a little extra loved! I can’t wait to pass this on to someone so they, too, can feel extra special today.”

It was better than any dollar.”
-From a Homeless Man

“Thank you for making the world a better place and spreading love & kindness. We are ALL loved by Him.”

“I found a hand sewn heart. It had a bible verse on it. It was the singular Valentine I received. I would like to thank the geniuses that found a way to include the lonely people.”


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